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  We know our stuff

Clean Bins is founded and managed by Sarah Hesse, an MSc in Business Environmental Management. We’re certified by the Environment Agency, follow strict DEFRA guidelines and deliver best practice. We have £5 million Public Liability Insurance and £10 million Employee Liability Insurance. Clients know they can trust us.

What we do

Our tailor-made wheelie bin cleaning process using 100% biodegradable products, is simple but highly effective. We use hydraulic rams to lift bins into position and high-pressure lances to blast away dirt and grime. All cleaning water is collected and taken away. Bin exteriors are jet cleaned, wiped dry, coated with disinfectant and sprayed with scented deodorisers.

Why we're special

We are a Social Enterprise, working to create jobs in your local area.

Social enterprises are profit-making businesses set up to tackle social and/or environmental issues. They provide business solutions to social problems. The value of social enterprise has been acknowledged by the current UK government and opposition parties. They have recognised the positive impacts such businesses can have on improving both society and environmental issues.

When the forces of business, social interest, envirnomental issues and customer service/satisfaction all come together it creates a powerful force for change. Supporting a Social Enterprise, can help to tackle social problems, improve communities, improve people’s life chances and protect the environment. It creates shared wealth and a harmonious working environment. Clean Bins generates its income by providing a service and is specifically set up to prevent environmental pollution through the process of wheelie bin cleaning. (Enviroment Agency Legislation) It also offers employment and business ownership to those who come on board and join the ever increasing team. We reinvest any profit back into the business through our intended method of growth, Social Franchise.

Let the professionals do the dirty work. Call Clean Bins today on 01428 609 486 or Contact Us via our web form.

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What makes us different

At Clean Bins we'd like to think your bins will be smiling when we've finished. We know you will be, because:

• Bins smell lemon fresh

• No payment up front – you are invoiced on contract

• 99% of germs obliterated

• 100% biodegradable products

• You're helping to create jobs – we are a social enterprise

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Why Use Us

Hire Clean Bins for regular cleans and you:

• Avoid customer complaints
• Prevent staff injury
• Save money on materials and labour
• Avert £50,000 pollution fines*


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Areas we cover

We clean wheelie bins at commercial premises in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and Sussex.

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